Our Competitive Strengths

TrueRock Strengths

We believe we have the following competitive strengths and advantages:

Diversified Business Model

We perform new construction and maintenance infrastructure services for various public (governmental) and private clients. We believe our plants, quarries, equipment fleet and experienced personnel provide us with scale advantages over our competitors. In addition, we believe our ability to internally source construction aggregates, HMA, and other construction materials provides project execution and bidding advantages over most of our competitors.

Experienced Management Team; Local Connection

As a historically family-owned enterprise, we have a management team that is local to the markets and communities we serve. We have extensive experience working with federal, state, and local officials and other industry participants in the Carolinas on projects of all sizes.

Geographic Location; Organic Growth Opportunities

We believe the Southeastern United States, and the Carolinas in particular, will continue to experience above-average population and economic growth and that these factors will lead to additional demand for the services we provide. Moreover, the Southeast region’s temperate climate allows us to work for the majority of the year, thereby enabling us to mitigate the fixed cost of weather-idled facilities and maintain a year-round workforce.