Our Operations

We are a vertically integrated infrastructure development company that owns and operates quarries which supply construction aggregates a logistics trucking fleet which provides distribution support, hot-mix asphalt plants, and construction operations which focus on the new construction, repair and maintenance of publicly funded roadways, including local and state roadways, interstate highways, airport runways and bridges, as well as private sector projects that include paving and site work for office and industrial parks, shopping centers and residential developments, across North Carolina and South Carolina.

Our operations consist of (i) milling, paving, pavement reclamation and concrete services, including the construction of roadways, highways and bridges and the application of asphalt and concrete, (ii) mining, manufacturing and distributing construction materials, including hot mix asphalt, or HMA, warm mix asphalt and cold mix asphalt, recycled crushed concrete and construction aggregates for both internal use and sales to third parties in connection with construction projects, (iii) site development, including land clearing, grading and the installation of utility and drainage systems, concrete flatwork, bridges/structures and (iv) transportation services, including hauling, freighting, shipping and trucking construction and other materials.

Since our inception in 1994, our Company has grown into one of the largest construction services companies operating across the Carolinas. We currently employ over 500 persons, have performed over $2 billion in sales since inception, and have built over 15,000 miles of highways.

True Rock employee working on bridge construction
True Rock employees working on road paving operations
True Rock employees working on road maintenance operations